Google Forms

Google Forms is a digital assessment tool teachers can use to create quizzes or quick exit tickets where students write critically. Teachers will have student data from their lesson closures at the click of a button and have the ability to add collaborators to easily share forms to other teachers.


You can earn Framing the Lesson and Critical Writing badges by utilizing your Google Forms in your classroom.

Use the resources below to learn the basics of Google Forms and get started on your own!

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Earn Your Badges

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Framing the Lesson Badge Requirements
The teacher must include two screenshots:

  1. The Google Form that has been used as an exit ticket in the classroom
  2. Student responses to the Google Form

Examples of Framing the Lesson using Google Forms: 

  • Have students complete a Google Form as a closing activity and use the results to help inform the creation of objectives for the next lesson

Critical Writing Badge Requirements
The teacher must include two screenshots:

  1. The critical writing prompt that has been used in a Google Form 
  2. Student responses to the critical writing prompt

Examples of Critical Writing using Google Forms: 

  • Use the paragraph question item in Google Forms to have students answer a critical writing prompt
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Recognize & Reinforce Badge Requirements
The teacher must include a screenshot of personalized feedback they have given to a student in Google Forms that details the students growth or achievement on the document. Your evidence must show unique features of Google Forms. 

Examples of Recognize & Reinforce using Google Forms: 

  • Turn on “Make this a Quiz” in your Google Forms setting to give personalized specific feedback to student answer choices.
  • Submission Example