November Badge Release

Published On: November 6th, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the exciting release of 15+ new Fun5 Rockstar badges! You now have the opportunity to earn badges for more popular apps that you already use in the classroom, making it easier than ever to showcase your skills in integrating technology into the Fundamental 5.

You are now able to earn the following NEW badges:

Canva: Framing the Lesson, Critical Writing, FGSPT, Power Zone, Recognize & Reinforce
EdPuzzle: Recognize & Reinforce
Quizizz: Framing the Lesson, Critical Writing, FGSPT, Power Zone

We also added additional badges for the following apps:

Google Forms: Recognize & Reinforce
Google Slides: FSGPT, Power Zone
Pear Deck: FSGPT
Seesaw: Power Zone
Notability: Power Zone

The technology and curriculum teams are so excited to see the ways you are using educational technology and the Fundamental 5 in your classroom. Visit to start earning your badges today.

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